Educate yourSELF with a Minnesota SELF Loan

SELF Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculations for new loans are based on SELF VI terms. SELF VI Loans are required to enter repayment no later than nine years from the first disbursement date so you cannot enter a graduation date greater than nine years from today's date. If you enter your Social Security Number and you have loans from older SELF phases, calculations are based on the terms of your specific loan(s).

This calculator provides an estimate of repayment amounts for your SELF Loans based on the current SELF interest rates and repayment terms. If you are still in a School or Transition Period, the repayment amount is based on your original loan amount rather than your current principal balance. The amount of interest paid is estimated and does not take into account interest you may have already paid on existing loans.

Keep in mind the dates and numbers are only estimates and many factors influence the interest amount you ultimately pay; including interest rate, length of time in school and your payment patterns.

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If you want existing loans figured into the calculation, or if you only want to calculate repayment of existing loans, enter your Social Security number and birth date:


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